{Untold Story} How Did Squidward Die? TikTok Trend Explained

How Did Squidward Die: If you like to watch animated shows, then you must have known that Squidward is one of the main characters of an animated cartoon show. Squidward was liked by many teenagers.

We have seen this character in the Squidward Squirepant animated show, but now this fictional character is trending on the Tik Tok platform. This animated show is very funny, but many real-life issues are also shown in it. Let me tell you, Squidward’s character in this show is negative.

This is an animated show liked by kids, and some viewers who watch the show really like Rahul’s character very much, while on the other hand, some people like Spongebob’s character. Sometimes people associate themselves with these two characters, so let’s know everything about Rahul and why Squidward is trending on Tik Tok, so keep reading this article.

Squidward is a character that we get to see in Spongebob Squarepants. Teenagers used to like it very much in their childhood and now it is trending in Tik Tok. With time, people started to like this character a lot. I tell you, SpongeBob SquarePants It was a great cartoon show, which was liked by children very much.

In this, Rahul’s character is shown as negative, yet some like Rahul’s character because Rahul’s character is enthusiastic and independent, with which children can identify themselves.

How Did Squidward Die

Yes, in this cartoon show, Rahul wants peace, but he is unable to find peace. He experiences disappointment everywhere, but fans of this cartoon show are now discussing one character on social media, which is Squidward, and creating Tik-Tok videos on Squidward in which people record their own reactions before and after Squidward dies.

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These videos are created by many teenagers and shared on social media platforms like Tik Tok, and it is now becoming a trend.

On social media, people are sharing this type of video related to Rahul a lot. Some people are posting funny videos, and then there are some people who are posting scary videos related to Rahul, but to a cartoon character. We don’t feel right about showing this. Let us tell you the whole truth about this ”how did Squidward die” trend.

How Did Squidward Die?

How Did Squidward Die

If we talk about a video found on YouTube, then Squidward is shown in that video where he tries to sing and play the flute, but none of the audience below him likes his performance, and everyone starts laughing. After that, Squidward leaves the place. When he goes to a room, he lies on his bed. He remembers all that happened to him on stage, then he gets very disappointed.

In the YouTube video, it is shown that Squidward is taking out a gun and shooting himself in the mouth, and a scary sound is playing in the background. All this was quite scary. This is a fan-made YouTube video that went viral, and this trend began as a result of it.

How Did Squidward Die? Explained in a video

Who Is Squidward’s Brother and How Did Squidward Die?

For your information, let us tell you that Squidward does not have any brothers. He was born to Jeff and Mrs. Tentacles. His date of birth is October 9th. Squidward told ”Krab borg” that he has a good relationship with his parents.

How Old Is Squidward From Spongebob?

Squidward was born on October 9, 1977, and is now 44 years old. He is an octopus neighbor of Patrick and SpongeBob, one of the main characters of the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon show. His character in the show is shown negatively.

“How Did Squidward Die in Spongebob?” TikTok Trend

There is a trend going on on TikTok where TikTok is allowing people to make short videos where the creator has to show the reaction before and after ”How Did Squidward Die” by searching on Google. If we search on Google, then we get the deleted episode of the cartoon show ”SpongeBob SquarePants” where Squidward commits suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun, and this becomes a trend.

How did Squidward’s death become a trend on social media?

It is said that this trend was first started by a website (Creepypasta) where strange things are shown. On this site, you get strange videos and posts which often scare people, Squidward’s Suicide Story on one such website was created and uploaded to where it all started. The same video was also uploaded to YouTube, which has been viewed by thousands of young people.

In this video, we see Squidward crying. Squidward is humiliated and ashamed. We hear him crying with his head resting on his knees. We hear a strange sound like a ghost crying in the background. After that, a voice speaks to Squidward, “Do IT,” and then Squidward shoots himself, and we can see blood all around him. Only a crazy human being could make such a video with a cartoon character.

We don’t know what was going on in his mind. Maybe the man who made the video was mentally disturbed, but people are now making different types of short videos on Tik Tok about this video. We recommend that you avoid watching such videos. Such videos are very disturbing and scary.

How Did Squidward Die: FAQs

Q. When did Squidward kill himself?

Ans. Squidward killed himself in episode 31 of living with the squid.

Q. How Did Squidward Die and who killed him?

Ans. Squidward shot himself is seen in a video that was first uploaded to the creepypasta website.

Q. Who created the Squidward character?

Ans. Squidward was created and designed by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg.

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