CUET UG Marks Normalization: Detailed Process {Step-by-Step}

CUET UG MARKS Normalization: The CUET examination is an all-India examination giving an equal chance platform and opportunity to every candidate across the country and is also known as Common University Entrance Exam. It was earlier also known as Central Universities Common Entrance Test and is held and organised by the National Testing Agency for admissions under various designations like Undergraduate, Post-graduate, Diploma, Integrated, Research Programmes and Certification Courses in 45 Central Universities, Private universities, State University, and also Deemed Universities in India. 

This exam is held online once in a year and is also known as CBT (Computer Based Test). For appearing in these kinds of exams one needs to have General Knowledge Aptitude and Reasoning about Current Affairs and what is going on in the world, Language and a Domain-specific subject.

CUET UG Marks Normalization

Students who appear in this CUET- UG (Common University Entrance Test- Undergraduate) will be given a percentile for every subject they chose out of 22 languages which can be minimum 2 or maximum 3 and 5 or 6 domain specified subjects out of 27 with a mandatory General Knowledge Test included. It will be then ‘normalized’ according to their performance in the overall marking of the exam conducted. By comparing the all India marks with the State marks. 

CUET UG Marks Normalization

What is CUET UG MARKS Normalization?

In the CUET UG MARKS Normalization of Marks, the CUET UG MARKS Normalization works through a process where normalization of a candidate is done by seeing who is getting highest marks from various boards in each and every subject and then it is compared with the highest marks obtained by candidates of the State Board while the relative marks obtained by them is determined accordingly.

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What does CUET Percentile Score mean?

The percentile score is the score which indicates the percentage of a candidate who has secured their place with equal or lower scores to a particular percentile in that examination.

Formula For CUET UG MARKS Normalization of Marks 2022

The raw score for each applicant obtained for each subject in CUET test is held in multiple shifts will be converted into an NTA score (percentile score & normalized score) in the following three steps:  

  • Step 1: Convert Raw into Percentile score.
  • Step 2: For every session, subtract percentiles from the marking scale to obtain a normalized score. 
  • Step 3: Calculate the Normalized Score.

CUET UG MARKS Normalization Process {Step-by-Step}

CUET UG Marks Normalization
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The CUET examination are held for multiple days with two shifts in a day generally. And while attending these kind of exams different question sets per session have been provided for every individual appearing in it. But the thing is that it is highly possible that the difficulty level of these question papers provided to the candidates in the different sessions may not be exactly the same provided to other. So, due to this thing some candidates may end up with the toughest questions set when compared to others and it simply makes the chance of getting higher numbers than others lessened due to other’s easy set. That’s why, CUET UG MARKS Normalization method has been set up to overcome such kind of a situation.
For the CUET UG MARKS Normalization process, the NTA uses the percentile score which is based on the relative performance of all those candidates who appeared for the respective examination. The marks obtained in the entrance test are arranged into a scale ranging from 200 to 0 for each session of examinees. 

The percentile score is the score which indicates the percentage of a candidate who has secured their place with equal or lower scores to a particular percentile in that examination. Thus, the one who got the highest score named as topper of each session will get the same percentile of 200 scores which is desirable. While the marks obtained in between the highest and lowest scores in the examination are also turned to appropriate percentiles for the candidates. Then, the percentile score else of the raw marks of the candidate will be used while preparing the merit lists. It will be calculated up to 7 decimal places to avoid the bunching effect and reduce ties which is also a safer side for candidates to get their positions.

The steps to process these methods are followed below:

Step-1: Convert Raw Score into Percentile Score

cuet ug marks normalization

To calculate the normalized marks across different sessions in a given subject, the percentile of each group of these students for each shift is calculated using the raw marks they have scored.
For example, let’s think 100 students appeared for the test in a given shift. Their marks are sorted in decreasing order. Assume that one of these 100 students scored 87%. Imagine 80 out of 100 students scored less than or equal to 87%. So, the percentile score of this student with 87% marks would be standing is 80/100=0⋅8. It will always be between 0 and 1 and it is usually rounded off to the requisite number of decimal places.

In case the event of a more number of days or less number of shifts have been occured, then the candidates will be divided accordingly. This will ensure that there is no biased grouping in the distribution of candidates who appear for the examination. Further, with a large population of examinees spread over the entire country the possibility of such biased decision-making is very low and rarely found.

Step-2: Arranging CUET percentiles

cuet ug marks normalization

The examination results for each session would be prepared in the form of Raw Scores and the Percentiles Scores of Total raw scores

While the Percentiles score would be calculated for each candidate in the Session as follows:

Let TP1 be the Percentile Score of Total Raw Score of that candidate.

Hence, the percentile score of the total score will not be an aggregate or average of the percentile of the individual subject as the percentile score is not the same as the percentage of marks obtained.

Step-3: Calculation of the Normalized Score using interpolation 

cuet ug marks normalization

Now, for each subject there is a score assigned to each percentile value and each session. The Normalized score, Z, corresponding to a percentile value P.

So, the percentile scores for the total raw score of all the sessions like Session 1: Day-1 Shift-1, Session-2: Day-1 Shift-2 will be calculated in Step-2 above would be merged and shall be called the NTA scores which can be then used as the compilation of results and further processing for deciding the allocation. 

Need For CUET UG MARKS Normalization

CUET UG MARKS Normalization in CUET exams simply means adjusting the values measured on different scales to a speculative common scale. Exams concerned to a particular post/course can be spread across multiple shifts which will have different question papers for each shift and this is how the normalisation takes place. Because the candidate getting a easier question paper set will gradually get higher marks in comparison of the candidate who got tough question set.

CUET Result 2022

CUET Cut Off 2022

For the cut off, factors like total number of tests, difficulty level, change in syllabus or exam pattern, category of the candidates, seats available for admission, and previous year’s cut off trends are some of the factors that impact the cutoff of CUET.

CUET UG Result 2022

CUET UG Marks Normalization- FAQ

What is CUET UG MARKS Normalization?

The score of a candidate from the All India board is compared with the state board is called normalization of marks to show unbiased decision making and fair ranking.

How can candidates check the CUET result 2022?

Candidates can check the CUET result 2022 by using their login credentials in the respective official website.

What is the purpose of CUET UG MARKS Normalization in the CUET Exam?

The CUET UG MARKS Normalization process is implemented to make sure a candidate’s true merit is identified and that a level playing field is created.

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